Naked Yoga, a phenomenon in the USA, is also well-established in London and has now arrived in Brighton.


Naked Yoga is about connecting with your body, feeling great in your own skin and developing body confidence. Free of clothes you can set your mind and body free, and learn to love and accept who you are. Our naked Yoga  classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis.


Naked Yoga is profoundly liberating. It’s not just the physical feeling of the air over your entire body - there’s a psychological release, too. When you shed your clothes, many social pressures also somehow fall away. Naked Yoga is highly respectable and not a sexual experience or activity - the rule is that there must be absolutely no physical contact between participants.


You may find the idea of naked Yoga challenging. If you are worried about being naked or can’t imagine being naked in front of strangers, your naked female teacher will put you at ease, and you might be surprised how soon any anxiety disappears! Also, remember no one will be directly facing you - everyone faces the teacher, so you’ll be free to focus on your own experience.

1. Book & pay for one place at any mixed gender class and bring a friend free of charge - use offer code NY2001 when booking


2. Big Student Discounts Available with NUS card - email us for details and receive an offer code


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