Q: I want to come to a mixed-gender class, but my partner cannot come with me?

A: We do accept a very limited number of bookings from ladies at mixed-gender classes, such that there remains an approximate gender balance. Please email us and we will confirm availability. You may even be able to attend with a same gender friend.


Q: I will have my period next week. Can I still attend a naked yoga class?

A: Your teachers also have periods of course and unless there is a particular reason, usually this will not affect your enjoyment of the Yoga class. You may wish to use a tampon and cut the string shorter so that it is not visible or alternatively something which is very popular amongst yoga teachers is the "mooncup", an environmentally friendly alternative, produced by a local, employee-owned, highly ethical company. Click here to watch the video. Please talk to your teacher if you have any particular worry about this.


Q: Can I wear my knickers to a class when I have my period?

A: No sorry, this makes you different and in our experience always makes other members of the class uncomfortable.


Q: I am concerned about making card payments online. Is it secure?

A: For your security we do not take card details online or by email. When you make a booking, we will call you for card details and email you confirmation, showing only the last 4 digits of your card. The payment will appear on your statement as "Dalblair Ltd".


Q: Can I pay in cash when I arrive at a class?

A: No, places are always limited and only available on a first come basis and we do not disclose the location of the class until payment is made.


Q: You say the teacher may touch me to help me but I'm uncomfortable about this?

A: Please mention this when you book and we will ensure your wishes are observed - use the other information text box on the booking form.


Q: What if a man becomes physically excited at a mixed class?

A: We recognise that this can happen unintentially sometimes but the excitement will go away when the teacher notices and increases the tempo of the class!  


Q: I want to increase my daughter's body confidence, and would like to bring her to a mixed class, but she is aged 16. Is this allowed?

A: No, sorry we can only allow pupils aged over 18 years.


Q: Why do you not have a men only class?

A: Men are increasingly becoming enthusiastic yogis and we welcome this development but there is no real demand for men only naked classes and current men only classes do not prohibit contact and appear to engage as meeting places for gay men. There are already men only naked Yoga classes with naked male teachers available elsewhere in Brighton.


HEALTH: When you arrive at a class, we will ask you some simple health questions. This is a requirement of our insurers. If you have any of the health issues detailed here, or other health issues which may be relevant, or you may be pregnant, or are trying to become pregnant, please discuss with us before booking a class. If you are already pregnant this will not be suitable for you.


High blood pressure, low blood pressure/fainting,  athritis, diabetes, epilepsy, heart problems, asthma, depression, detached retina/other eye problems, recent fractures/sprains, recent operations, back problems, knee problems, neck problems, or any other conditions which might affect your mobility or are likely to cause you concern practicing Yoga.

These are a number of questions we are commonly asked. If you have any further queries at all, please email us.