This event is available to female groups only up to 12 persons and may be booked direct with us or via your event organiser.

Costs are £25pp or £250 per class, whichever is the greater. We require a non-refundable payment of £50 with each yoga booking (but not the other classes) so that we may book the studio. Classes will usually be on a Saturday or Sunday and class times are obviously subject to studio availability.

Why not add a fun, spicy and novel event to your hen weekend in Brighton - a naked yoga class with a naked female Yoga teacher where a naked male butler will keep you topped up with Prosecco. The classes are suitable for both novices and experienced "Yogis" and take place in a private, central Brighton Yoga studio located near to the West Pier.

On arrival, each of your party will be provided with a glass of chilled Prosecco by your naked male butler and you may choose to undress, or not, but your teacher will give you the option to remove items throughout the class.

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This event is a serious, but fun, Yoga class, suitable for all ages, experienced or not. If some of the ladies do not wish to participate, or fully undress, that is fine, but the expectation is that most of the group will participate fully or partially in the event. Photography is possible, not during the class, but usually only a tastefully arranged group photo at the end of the class with no naughty parts on display.


Email us now from the cotact us page to make a provisional booking. We will then contact you and confirm studio availablility and request £50 deposit to confirm the studio booking. The balance is payable not later than 14 days before your class.



A one hour afternoon or early evening  Prosecco lifedrawing class with a handsome, naked male model for you to draw, with a free Prosecco bar service provided by a naked butler.   Email us from the contact us page for full details or click "Instagram".



If you feel energetic, why try a ladies only poledancing class with a naked butler on hand to serve you complimentary Prosecco - this one and a half hour experience is guaranteed fun and the female dance teacher will even teach your hen to lap-dance on request. Email us from the contact us page for full details or click "Instagram".

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Paint a naked male model all over and enjoy free Prosecco. One and a half hour class. afternoon Email us from the contact us page for full details or click "Instagram".